Home Tuning Nissan SUV X TRIIL has recently gathered in Russia in particular in St. Petersburg, this has a positive effect on the financial situation, because only in Russia sales of this SUV is 30% of total sales at the same plants collect both Teano and Murano in general Nissan I settled in Russia and intends to continue its industrial activity on its territory and excellent, because the growth of Western investments has never been detrimental to the state, all the more so since these investments are more than paying off by electronic devices and various devices are increasingly introduced in a car of various classes, mainly innovations relate to automation Car controls of various devices created to increase the comfort of road traffic in samples all this is created to reduce the risks of accidents on the roads now all these modifications are slowly beginning to penetrate andMiddle Class cars that cannot but delight lovers of classes of class into one of these new systems – the circular overview system of a circular review was first installed on Nissan cars back in 2002, this is a very convenient system that provides a rear view and makes a picture of an interesting moment but a picture of the monitor but Such a system was first installed on Nissan cars until this year, this innovation was available on premium machines, so far such a video review system is installed on SUVs and high suspension machines the main plus and the advantage of the viewing video is that the driver sees objects that are outside the field of vision The functionality includes an option to help a circular review when driving with a trailer and much more basic sadness, but at the same time, an excuse for such a feud is an increase in the price of a car by about $ 1,000 or about 30,000 rubles according toSome experts who work under the auspices of Nissan both in Russia and in Japan are the demand for such video reviewers is quite large both in the world and in Russia if everything goes smoothly and the viewing system will show itself from the best side then this device will be put even on the very most Small models, for example, on the beetle, the work that engineers and Nissan techniques did at least by the fact that they were ahead of time and other eminent manufacturers dared to be the first to put on their cars the rest of the eminent brands only in small steps reach such technical heights, it is worth noting the fact that the circular system system the review will be available only in the factory configuration, that is, it will not be possible to install it separately or somehow purchased on the side, therefore, for those who want to protect their movement around the city or during the package will have to purchase the car exclusivelyIf in theory, if in theory, then the installation of such a go like a separate option will have to replace the mirrors with a radiator grille and many more details and the case itself is pointless to go to such a step, and it is unlikely that anyone will like it, however, there are many smart people who give ads on the Internet By the type of “they are ready to modernize your car”, and they propose to establish this particular score of the circular review of the amount for such work, they offer unbearable, but it is worth warning naive drivers that you need to bypass such ads and trust only professionals and dealers of the concern where you bought a car in addition to these joyful moments. A few more pleasant ones in November of this year at the AvtoVAZ factory, it is planned to issue Nissan Almera as a premiere of this economical and affordable car at the end of August and the sales will begin in November according to the dataRepresentatives of AvtoVAZ, this model of class B, should become the best -selling in Russia in their words, designers and developers took into account everything to the smallest details – all those needs and needs that drivers on the roads of Russia also have all the nuances in operating conditions I want to believe that cars have been made that cars are made In fact, according to Japanese standards, according to one of the experts, the car should fully justify the expectations of the Russian consumer as well as present a few pleasant surprises that may be among the wishes that Russian motorists want to see analysts and financial figures believe that with the entry of this model to the market an increase in income to Nissan in Russia should increase by about 10 15 percent in particular, high hopes are assigned to sales in the capital

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